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Published on June 5th, 2019 | by Alastair Gilmour


You there, on your feet

We asked the question: You’re on your feet all day in a busy pub kitchen, restaurant or city centre bar – so what’s you’re preferred footwear? What makes it comfortable and bearable – Doc Martens, Crocs, Nike FlyEase? None of the above?

The answers came from The Rat Inn at Anick, Hexham; the Crown Posada, Newcastle, and the Wood Oven in Wylam, Northumberland. And they couldn’t have been more different in content and style. But, you know something… that’s the way we like it. Homogeny has its place but not in these pages.


Karen Errington, co-owner of The Rat Inn, Anick, Hexham (with partner Phil Mason) sent this picture, saying: “This is today’s kitchen team showing off our new safety flooring recently fitted following a flood under the kitchen floor which resulted in major works. We look a bit scruffy but we’re trying to keep it tip-top.

“There seems to be a bit of a previously unnoticed gender separation issue going on, as witnessed by the disparity in footwear. The boys are in Crocs and us girls seem to favour a sturdy lace-up. Practicality, however, is the name of the game.

“That’s me in the middle wearing my favourite Mizuna trainers. I was first fitted for a pair of these five years ago at Northern Runner whilst in training for an abortive and ill-fated attempt at the Great North Run

“They are the bounciest trainers you could ever wish to own and I can literally bop around in them all day long, which is just as well as on a sunny day when the garden is in full swing and with diners regularly requesting different sauces in relay – which can result in me being back and forth to the same table on numerous occasions – I can clock up to 21k.

“I once tweeted I’d done 21k on a hot summer’s day and somebody tweeted back ‘congratulations’. I was a bit puzzled until I realised they thought I’d taken 21k cash. If that were the case the trainers would be diamond studded by now.

“I used to wear an Apple watch to record my mileage but the front fell off one day when I was doing the dishes. I’ve been dropping hints for a new one for ages but nothing is forthcoming yet which is why I’m working on converting the 21k distance to a cash value.

“Anyway, it’s trainers all the way for me and, as me Mam always used to say ‘a lady never draws attention to herself’ so obviously always in a nice discreet colour…”


Andrew Nicholson, manager at the Crown Posada in Newcastle: “I never go into the cellar without my steel toe-capped work boots. I call them my cellar boots. You don’t want to be moving casks around without something like these on your feet. I wear them all the time and go through three or four pairs a year.”


The message from the Wood Oven pizza place in Wylam may have been lost in translation, but here’s the photo anyway. Are they Crocs? They certainly look comfortable and airy enough for a day on your toes in a kitchen – but are those hands inside one pair? You’re not taking this seriously enough, Wood Oven.

We’d welcome more footwear ideas, so please send a pic and description to info@cheersnortheast.co.uk

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