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Wood you believe this beer?

Anarchy Brew Co has launched its latest beer – and it’s made from wood. Imenso Imperial Stout (11% abv) uses Amburana wood from South America in a collaboration project with Rubens Angelotti from Blend Bryggeri in Brazil, and was brewed when he visited Anarchy’s Newcastle brewhouse in August.

Amburana wood has been gaining popularity as an adjunct across the globe, due to its spicy aroma and the relatively short period of time that beer needs to be exposed to it in order to take on the warm, spicy, cinnamon notes. The winner of the Wood-Aged Strong Stout category at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival contained Amburana wood, and was something Rubens was keen to introduce to the Anarchy team when he visited the UK.

Simon Miles, co-owner (with wife Dawn) of Anarchy Brew Co, says: “Dawn and I stayed with Rubens over in Brazil earlier in the year, and we brewed Deadly Milk – a Mango Milkshake IPA – so for the return leg of the collab it was great to work together to create something totally different. 

“The whole team really enjoyed Rubens’ visit, and the partnership was fantastic for cementing new friendships as well as bringing together knowledge from across two countries.”

The beer launched in keg at the weekend of Craft Beer Calling at Wylam Brewery and following a fantastic response from customers, a batch of 250ml mini cans were launched in selected independent bottle shops across the region.

Daisy Turnell, marketing manager at Anarchy Brew Co, says: “We’ve loved watching the journey of this beer and its been a collaboration in the truest sense of the world, with ingredients native to one brewery coming together on a different continent to make the beer in another. 

“It was important to us to launch this in the North East, so Craft Beer Calling was the perfect opportunity, and supporting our local independent bottle shops to launch the brand new mini cans was equally as important to us.”

*The Amburama tree is commonly harvested from the wild for its attractive timber which has a range of uses in luxury furniture, decorative veneer, construction, cooperage, carving and cabinet making, An essential oil is obtained from the resin in the bark and used in the treatment of colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma and lung ailments.

Hangovers? Let’s wait and see.

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