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Try, try, try again

Challenging times lie ahead – and the start of a new year is always a slow time for the pub and brewing industry. We asked media guru Daisy Turnell how we can all help to make life easier.

The toughest month for a lot of businesses is just around the corner. January can be make or break for a lot of pubs, bars, and breweries with everyone overspending over the festive season then cutting back for a month. Then there’s the “detox” movement, Dry January.

To combat this, Tryanuary was founded back in 2015. It’s a nationwide campaign to encourage support for the beer industry throughout the month of January. Now looked after by national campaign coordinator, Mike Hampshire, it’s a fully volunteer-led, month-long initiative aimed at supporting the beer industry at a difficult time.

December is the month of indulgence, spending, and celebration. By January 1 however, many people in the UK wake up with their minds set on fulfilling New Year resolutions based around health, fitness and saving cash. One of the first things people look to do to achieve this is to reduce how much time they spend going out and how much money they spend on beer.

For the beer industry, this can make January a really challenging month. So, the Tryanuary campaign aims to highlight and promote the continued support for the industry.

So… how can you get involved? As a beer lover and pub goer, it’s fairly straightforward. We’re encouraging you to responsibly support local, independent beer businesses. This can be via a trip to the pub, supporting your local bottle shops or breweries, and sharing information on great local places to visit to encourage others to check them out. We’re not suggesting ten pints a day through January, what we recommend is to continue to enjoy beer in moderation, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Time in the pub with friends and family is good for your health, too.

If you’re set on taking part in Dry January, you can still support Tryanuary. A visit to the pub for some food and a soft drink or zero alcohol beer from a number of independent UK brewers, is still not only supporting the beer industry, but keeping you on track with your resolutions.

If you’re reading this and thinking you’d like to get involved, you can also volunteer to help run the Tryanuary campaign. Daisy Turnell looked after the North East Regional campaign back in 2018, and this year took over the national social media to help spread the word. As owner of Craft Beer Newcastle, she’ll be continuing to support all of the local beer-based independent businesses during Tryanuary 2020. 

For anyone planning an event, make sure you add it to the Tryanuary events page (free of charge). You can download the Tryanuary logo to use on posters and other promotional material, too.

For further information, check out www.tryanuary.com

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