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Published on October 6th, 2013 | by Cheers North East


The Quakerhouse

A welcoming place populated by ultra-friendly regulars

The Quakerhouse revels in the sub-heading “real ale and rock bar” The pub not only prides itself on the quantity (more than 600 beers pulled through 10 handpulls this year so far) and the quality of its ales but also its taste in music. There’s invariably something going on in the upstairs lounge featuring some serious blues, busking, bluegrass, folk, reggae, rock and acoustic talent.

It’s the Camra North East Pub of the Year 2013 and has been an award winner on a local level 10 times in 11 years. It’s not hard to guess why – big on exposed brickwork and divided into three small but distinct areas (mind the steps), it’s a welcoming place populated by ultra-friendly regulars and much admired by visitors.

The Beer

Ten ever-changing ales on the bar and at least one cider. Choose from delicious Wainstones Quaker Blonde (4.0% abv), Black Paw Dark Seam (5.0% abv), Scottish Borders Foxy Blonde (3.8% abv), and the remarkable Budweiser Budvar (5.0% abv).

The food

The food offer is from a range of snacks, so let’s give a shout-out to its two ghuolish girls instead. Betty Hobson’s ghost wanders the yard outside while the resident Betty graces the rooms inside. Perhaps that’s why the pub also stocks a fine range of spirits.

Where is it? Mechanics Yard is one of those narrow passages and ginnels that puncture Darlington’s High Row and Skinnergate at regular intervals. The archway from High Row opens out into what could almost be a beer terrace, were it not a public thoroughfare.

Landlord:  Brian Dourish and Garry Hewitt, The Quakerhouse, Mechanics Yard, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 7QF
Tel: 01325 245052

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