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Published on December 13th, 2019 | by Alastair Gilmour


The Future’s Orange

The first thing to remember about Orange wine is that is not made of oranges. The second is that it’s not really orange.

Confused? We turned to our friends at Lanchester Wines for some helpful guidance on what is fast becoming the trendiest shade of wine:

Mark Roberts, director of sales at Lanchester Wines, says: “While we’re all used to selecting a white, red or rosé wine, orange wine is increasingly being talked about in the world of wine. Unlike high fashion or craft beer, things move a little slower in the wine world. Over the past decade, orange wine has gone from ancient and obscure to insider favourite to increasingly available.

“Orange wine is a type of white wine made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued finished product. In other words, it’s like making red wine with white grapes.

“When making white wine, you typically remove the skin from the grapes before fermenting; with red wine, you leave the skin on. Orange wine mixes up this process by using white grapes but leaving the skins on. The result is a far richer and more full-bodied drink than regular white wine. This is also how it gets its colour, which is much deeper than a white wine and ranges from pale amber to deep orange.

“Most orange wines taste like a bolder, more savoury version of wines from the same white grape. Generally speaking, orange wines display mild flavours of stone fruit like peaches, tea flavours like strong oolong and an impression of honey, without actually being sweet.

“If you’re interested in trying an orange wine, you’re in luck. At Lanchester Wines, we’ve recently introduced a new orange wine to our range and its already a big hit – even winning a prestigious silver medal in the latest International Wine Challenge competition which has been called ‘the world’s most rigorous, impartial and influential wine competition’. So, a tough crowd!

“Introducing Origine Bianco IGT Terre Siciliane. This unusual orange wine is a blend of Grillo and Zibibbo vines from Lake Arancio in Sicily. Origine pays homage to traditional winemaking and is the result of several years’ worth of travelling, research and new experiences by winemaker Alessandro Gallici.

“His mission was to rediscover wine’s ancient flavours and aromas all too often lost through modernity and advances in technology. The paper wrap of this bottle maps Alessandro’s journey across Sicily learning from the oldest producers and understanding the ancient winemaking techniques. His quest was for a wine which could have been produced 1,000 years BC or could have been produced today – and Origine was born.

“Origine truly is a labour of love with each bottle taking almost four years from conception to release. There are three fermentations in total, the last of which takes place in half-buried clay jars. Next is gravity clarification, followed by ageing in old chestnut casks which have been used to age wine for at least ten years previously.”

For more information on Origine Bianco or Lanchester Wines, please visit

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