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Cheers’ new guide to breweries in North Yorkshire joins our indispensable North East guide in time for Christmas

We’re delighted to announce the publication of our first Great North Yorkshire Brewery Guide – a 152-page beer lover’s odyssey from the Dales to the Moors, down to York and across to the Wolds, engaging brewers in tales tall and short over pints pale and dark.

Brought to you by the Cheers team, The Great North Yorkshire Brewery Guide is our second regional guide, joining our first book, The Great North East Brewery Guide, on this year’s must-have beer lover’s Christmas list.

With a foreword by the brilliant beer writer, author and proud Yorkshireman Pete Brown, our North Yorkshire guide profiles dozens of craftsmen and women for whom the pursuit of the perfect blend of malted barley, hops, yeast and water is a life’s work.

These folk, who toil tirelessly in brewhouses large and small, make North Yorkshire a great brewing region; home to established names like Theakston, Black Sheep, Yorkshire Dales and Wold Top, youthful innovators like Brew York and Beer Monkey, and newer names making their mark, including Hop Studio and North Riding.

Our book profiles 25 great breweries large, small and micro, exploring behind the scenes where the alchemy takes place, chronicling some fascinating brewers’ stories, and tasting numerous beers across a huge range of styles from traditional Yorkshire bitter to new brews inspired by the styles of far-flung continents.

The result is an entertaining, informative and thirst-inducing story of great beer and the people who make it.

It joins our first book – The Great North East Brewery Guide – which we published last November and which graced the Christmas stockings of many thousands of drinkers in the region and beyond.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can still buy it at featured breweries, bottle shops, branches of Waterstones in the region and via the Cheers website, where you can kill two birds, as it were, by purchasing both guides at a bargain price.

Happy Christmas!

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