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A nationwide drive is under way to persuade people not to give in to temptation – and we in the North East are right behind it. Dry January, the well-meaning initiative that invites us to give up alcohol for a spell following the excesses of the festive period, does untold damage to the licensed trade.

Pubs are under enough pressure as it is without yet another block on their business, so we’re fighting back with Tryanuary, a UK-wide campaign which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers. Finding new beers in new places – and familiar beers in favourite haunts – provides crucial revenue to an industry of independent businesses in a historically quiet month for socialising. 

Founded in January 2015 by Andy Heggs, Tryanuary began as a way to support a nation of fantastic, hard-working, independent businesses. By using the hashtag #Tryanuary on social media, the campaign aims to promote conversation about new and interesting beers and in turn inspire people to venture out to support fantastic local pubs, bars, bottle shops and eateries.

The campaign open to volunteers – “local champions” – to help spread the word about what’s happening in their area. Your local pub will also be running initiatives to invite you to join them – and enjoy yourself at the same time. It certainly makes sense to us at Cheers North East.

For more information, and to join in Tryanuary, please visit

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