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One year in, lots to do

The manager at one of Newcastle’s premier bars celebrates a year in the job this month. Gareth Frazer settled into the role at Fitzgerald’s on Grey Street very comfortably, having previously enjoyed a city-centre pub background and top-level retail experience.

He managed The Hotspur on Percy Street until 2014 then had two-and-a-half years in stocktaking before a brief stint as an assistant manager for Aldi where he thought the job would be more customer-facing than it actually was.

“You were far too busy to do too much of that,” says Gareth. “Anyway, I like working in the city centre and I’ve really been enjoying being back into it.”

Fitzgerald’s is a fine big pub that suits a variety of purposes with a fair spread of clientele – most of whom know their beer. Staff have an enviable reputation for friendliness.

“We’ve got the right balance of people,” says Gareth. “We’ve got young and older ones and it’s not an easy job to do. The real ale was one of the things that attracted me; I was never a stranger to Fitz’s pubs, they’re synonymous with great beer. The local focus also appealed which I wanted to be part of.”

Five cask handpulls and five craft keg taps set the Fitzgerald’s standard with Anarchy Blonde Star and Hadrian Border Grainger Ale both permanent fixtures with the others on a rotating programme.

A Sunday folk music club is proving a good idea and Gareth has invited a quiz-master friend to bring his football quiz to the pub to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its founding. That could lead to special theme quizzes on a regular basis.
But for now, it’s one year in and full steam ahead.

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