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Published on July 10th, 2019 | by Alastair Gilmour


New card carrier knows her beer

One of the youngest licensees in the North East doesn’t like beer, but she can’t half talk about it. Ellen Renwick gained her personal license at age 18 years and 45 days, and perhaps there aren’t any younger than that in the country.

Ellen is the daughter of Bruce and Donna Renwick who run CentrAle bottle shop at Newcastle Central Station (platform 12, to be precise). They took her on as an apprentice last year and she has passed her personal licence exams and checks with flying colours.

“Basically it means she can now run a pub or a bottle shop on her own,” says Bruce. “She’s been working 30 hours a week and at the start knew nothing about beer but by listening to customers, watching what they were buying and talking to suppliers, she has gained a lot of knowledge.

“She loves doing Sundays by herself, so that suits me fine. She didn’t want to do any of it at first, but we told her it’s a great qualification and something for life. She’s now talking about running her own wine bar and kitchen.”

Cocktail bar and kitchen, Dad,” says Ellen. “It’s something to aim at. I’ve got my own card now which I’m really happy about.”

Away from the popular “train beer” destination, Bruce and Donna recently took themselves off to Glasgow, principally to see Lynyrd Skynyrd. He reckons he has seen the band 29 times over the past 45 years in six different countries – and even got to chat with them after the gig when Donna spotted guitarist Gary Rossington in the foyer of the Radisson Blue Hotel from her vantage point across the road – Wetherspoons. When he was joined shortly after by Ronnie Van Zant, it was cue selfie time for Bruce.

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