Published on October 2, 2018 | by Alastair Gilmour


Music maestro please

One of The Free Trade Inn’s innumerable merits is the jukebox which has belted out some real class tunes – free – for as long as many of us can remember. It has been suffering a bit of a wobble of late which happily has now been remedied.

Now the award-winning Newcastle pub’s landlord Mick Potts has issued an appeal for CDs from pub regulars to bring the machine back up to its former tip-top tunery.

Mick says: “The jukebox is really old and it had a habit of chewing up CDs and generally damaging them. It was no good just refilling it so we thought we’d get it fixed and introduce some new music to the pub.

“We thought at first it wouldn’t be easy to fix but we found someone to do it and the problem turned out to be something pretty simple. Variety is the key to everything in the pub and we have some weird and wonderful music on there but I can honestly say how they got there I don’t know. Some of the stuff I’d never heard of before or ever again.”

So, here we go, an opportunity for the public to submit CDs – compilations are the best for variety – and with the best will in the world the pub can’t put everything on the jukebox, but there’s probably a lot that you folks can contribute.

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