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Join the festival experience

Hawkshead Brewery has been hosting beer festivals twice a year since 2007. The first one was put on at the Staveley, Cumbria venue to showcase the revolution in British brewing. And that’s what Hawkshead have been celebrating every year since, as the revolution continues to gather pace.

There has never been a better time for British beer…. more breweries, more beer styles, more innovation, more flavours, more crazy and exciting ideas.

Many of the pioneers of the new wave of craft brewing are here in the North of Britain. Northern Craft Beer Fest, taking place in July, is a showcase for them, as is the Spring Fest on the weekend of March 23-24. They show three or four, sometimes more of their beers. It’s not about cramming in as many different beers as possible, it’s about showcasing the breweries, and getting the brewers along. It’s both cask and keg.

The first festival is this month and the second one in late July, taking over the whole brewery. There are plenty of cellars and a cold conditioning room, so all the beer is properly cold and served from at least three bars. In summer a fair bit of the Mill Yard outside is covered by a marquee with a bar inside.

All Hawkshead beer festival are family affairs… kids, dogs, babes-in-arms, great grandmas, weird brewers – all are welcome. There’s always food all day, live music, great beer, a good vibe and no tickets – Hawkshead is a pub, it doesn’t charge entry.

Diary dates: Hawkshead Brewery Spring Beer Fest March 23-24. Northern Craft Beer Fest July 19-21.

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