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It’s cheers to Cheers

A visit to a pub with a familiar name leaves a big impression on Alastair Gilmour

Town twinning used to be a very popular arrangement with the likes of Hexham linked with Metzingen in Germany and Noyon in France, sharing knowledge and cultural experiences while building friendships.

We’ve always liked the idea, so we’ve extended our informal “club” (which includes foreign correspondent Libor Vojacek, aka CzechBeerMan, and the Bobby Dazzler pub in Moscow). Now Cheers North East has set up a link with another Cheers North East – or Cheers Café, Bar & Tavern, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, as it’s better known.

Cheers is a multi award-winning pub, a spirits specialist which, naturally enough given its location, is high on whisky. And, like any successful pub, its owner is passionate to the point of obsession.

It has been said more than once that Cheers owner Dennis Forsyth is something of a spirits-sector genius. Enthusiasm, commitment and drive to know everything about distillates – from Aberfeldy malt to Zytnia vodka – fill his waking moments. Staff and customers are swept along in the flow. Dennis is acutely aware that knowledge is strength; he attends seminars; buys books; picks brains; listens intently, then passes everything on to his staff – and pub customers.

Cheers Café Bar & Tavern is an extremely popular pub in a North East of Scotland town better known for its fishing history, its offshore expertise, and as the first home of the highly innovative BrewDog brewery.

“I never stop thinking about adding to our existing offering,” says Dennis. “You can never rest on your laurels and have to always push forward and be one or two steps ahead of the rest.”


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