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Há quanto tempo não nos vemos!

Or ‘long time no see!’ No wonder football is called The Beautiful Game. We catch up with our June 2014 World Cup cover girl

Cheers41-CoverTainá Vieira was studying engineering at Newcastle University at the time of the last World Cup – held in Brazil, her native country. She returned home for work experience as part of her degree, but like many a student before – and no doubt after – she is finding it difficult to gain a foothold in her chosen profession.

She offers an insight into the Brazilian economy and offers her opinion on Brazil’s chances of winning the 2018 World Cup, plus she has fond memories – despite the weather – of her life in Newcastle.

Tainá says: “Brazil is going through a deep crises and specially this week we are witnessing many strikes that made fuel prices increase 300%, and making food increase in price as well. Supermarkets are limiting consumers to buy just five itens per person – it is really, really chaotic, like an ‘end of the world’ zombie movie.

“I always remember Newcastle as cold and windy because it’s impossible not to remember! I’m really not missing the cold, but I also remember it as a safe and calm city; its cute houses, many trees and lovely gardens. I miss breathing its clean air, walking from Northumberland Street to Henderson Hall (student accommodation) – I used to love the trees in Henderson.

“Another thing I really miss is the bus. I’m jealous about the empty, electric, punctual buses. I always remember how nice was to be part of Cheers magazine in the 2014 World Cup issue; thanks again for that. I think Naiara will never forget this as well. (Tainá’s friend and compatriot Naiara Climas Pereira accompanied her on the photoshoot at The Hotspur in Newcastle.)

“I graduated about one year ago, and yet I couldn’t get a job in my area. Things are difficult here now, but I still hope to get a job as an engineer some day – maybe when economy gets a little better. I now have an Instagram store where I made some hair flower arrangements, among other hand-made accessories, and sell some clothes. I am also studying to take a test for working in a bank. Many disconnected things, right?

“Now about football. You know, I’m not really a specialist, but in my opinion I don’t think that the fact that the players play well with their clubs that makes them play well together (for Brazil). It is a matter of luck. Starting them training together only one month before the competition starts is not enough.

“But yes, I will support them – I don’t think I have an option! The whole country stops on match days and everybody will be watching, though my guess is that they won’t win this year… in my mind, Germany and France are always good hints. 

“Thanks one more time for the opportunity. Cheers!”

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