Published on November 9, 2017 | by Alastair Gilmour


Gone beyond a joke

Our Pickled Egg cartoonist Cluff (aka John Longstaff) has had one of his cartoons stolen from his Darlington local. John’s witty comment on the accelerating closure of pubs featured in satirical magazine Private Eye and the original was framed and hung in the gents’ toilets in Number Twenty 2 Ale House & Canteen because owner Ralph Wilkinson thought it summed up the situation so well.

John tells us that the thief ripped it from the wall with such force that it took a section of tiling with it. We’re pleading to the robber’s sense of contrition (presumably it’s a bloke) and ask him to return it. Ralph has replaced it with another of John’s works – showing a burly chap in the urinal stealing tiles off the wall.

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