Published on November 5th, 2019 | by Alastair Gilmour


Gloves off for next year

Alex Rattray, S43 Bew Co’s senior craft brewer, is looking ahead after spending his first year at the Coxhoe, County Durham, brewery.

“It’s been a big year of change for us,” he says, “going in a completely new direction of beer styles, techniques and ingredients while also producing our cask beer range along with lots of new seasonal cask beers. 

“There are always bumps along the road, but it seems people are really embracing our new style and that’s been exciting to see. I’m really excited about the next couple of canned beer releases that will cap off 2019. We’re changing things up a bit for our next beer and finally doing a big, boozy dark one. 

“One of my other passions beyond craft beer is coffee. Since I’ve been in the UK its been great trying out dozens of different roasters from around the country. So I’m really pumped that for this beer we’re working with a North East coffee roaster. It’s a vast departure from our previous canned releases but it should be a perfect beer for the chillier weather and gives me a chance to combine beer and coffee; two of my favourite things. 

“Along with that we’ll be releasing a hop-forward beer. I was really happy with how our Fat White Milk Shake IPA came out so we’ll be revisiting the style but with totally different hops and fruit addition.

“As well as more canned beers I’m also working on some small batch, keg-only beers which will allow me to explore some fun styles on an even smaller scale than a canned release. 

“We recently put out an American Light Lager and are just releasing a Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale. These are one-time only beers and will give us another avenue to get different products out to the fans of our new brewing style. We’ve also got some collaborations coming up – working with Fortnight Brewing in North Carolina and doing a riff on one of their great IPAs. That will be getting released towards the end of the year in tandem with another hop-forward beer to cap off 2019. We’re hoping to be able to get in one or two collaborations with other North East breweries as well. 

“We’re hard at work planning for 2020 and hopefully the gloves will come off and we can really keep pushing ourselves creatively and technically to produce even better beers for the future.”

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