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Come in number 42

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed that this issue of Cheers North East is number 42 – a figure that is not lacking in profound meaning. In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the book’s hero Ford Prefect proposes to find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Using a supercomputer called Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose, it takes 7½m years to come up with the answer, 42. 

Deep Thought, however, points out that the answer seems meaningless because the beings who instructed it never actually knew what the question was.

That aside, to celebrate questions and answers, we’re taking a look at the region’s beers with an alcohol by volume strength of 4.2%. It ‘s a bit of fun, but on the other hand they might have the answer…

42aJarrow Brewery, Caulker 4.2% abv
Named after trade from Tyneside’s glorious shipyard history, Caulker (Rivet Catcher’s best friend) is a light, smooth and satisfying golden hoppy ale with a lingering grapefruit zest finish. Caulkers made hulls and decks watertight.

42bHawkshead Brewery, Red 4.2% abv
A bitter-sweet rich and fruity red ale brewed with English hops and dark crystal malt which gives the beer its colour. This is a beer for those who like their ale to have some colour and taste of malt. A Champion Beer of Britain finalist in 2013.

42cRudgate Brewery, Battleaxe 4.2% abv
A well hopped bitter with bittersweetness on the palate. A complex fruit aroma leads to a memorable rounded flavour and finish. Rudgate brewery’s Viking names celebrate their conquests on the Roman road that runs through its site.

42dMaxim Brewery, Swedish Blonde 4.2%
Named after the brewery’s own Anna Goransdotter, this is very light in colour using Cascade and First Gold hops to give refreshing hoppy and complex grapefruit flavours. Maxim Brewery can trace its history back to 1901.

42eThe Stables Brewery, Bobby Dazzler 4.2% abv
A light refreshing blonde beer, named in honour of Robert “Bonny Bobby” Shaftoe whose family owned Beamish Hall where The Stables brewery is situated. The brewery was recently visited by a group from the Bobby Dazzler pub in Moscow.

42fBlack Sheep Brewery, Velo 4.2% abv
Saddle up for a summer thirst quencher! Brewed to celebrate the world’s most famous cycle race that came past the brewery’s front door, Velo is a free-wheeling, fresh pale ale. Cascade hops and a touch of orange and coriander lead to the characteristic Black Sheep dry, bitter finish.

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