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The most encouraging parts of February are the lengthening days and the promise of spring around the corner – but the best part of this month is that it’s not January. Dry January, to be precise. Dry January and Slow Business January.

The month of incoming festive-season bills, self assessment and credit card payments is bad enough for our pubs and breweries, so any attempt like a campaign to cajole people into renouncing alcohol for a few weeks is not at all helpful. 

So, thank goodness for the #Tryanuary initiative and its stout resistance to the followers of fad and fashion and the easily led. Remember that the leisure business is available all year round and our pubs are too. And what joys they are; individual, unique, homely, welcoming… and all yours.

And, talking of the easily led, we are now out of the European Union, the most stupid, short-sighted, self-indulgent, self-inflicted decision a single nation has made in the history of the planet. There, said it…. let’s move on.

We’ve got a cracking magazine for you here with a range of news and features that hopefully covers much of the region’s pub and beer scene.

See you in the pub/brewery tap/bottle shop.

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