Cheers 95

We’re never ceased to be amazed at the innovative products coming out of our breweries, or the enterprising events organised by our publicans. Best of all, it’s for us, the pub-loving public.

We’ve got the likes of Scream For Pizza and Good Times Tacos rocking up outside pubs, we’ve got quizzes, banter and belly-laughs inside, along with great company and a range of drinks so wide and inclusive that they almost make beer traditional festivals redundant. Go to the pub, there’s a beer festival on every day.

We have to admit that it’s tempting on these darker, colder nights to take one look out of the window and decide to not bother stepping out and opt instead for whatever  keeps people glued to the settee on any given night. The advice is to shake yourself out of that miserable option and head for great beer, good crack and a warm welcome in your most local of locals.

But steel yourself, we’ve got elections to “look forward” to, we have a nation divided over Europe and we’re in the midst of a political and social crisis that would take an uprising to sort out. (Cue a redition of Alex Glasgow’s As Soon As This Pub Closes… “the revolution starts:)

Pubs need us more than ever. Austerity has been biting our backsides for years and it won’t let go. We’re all being affected, assaulted from all directions by rising prices and lowering standards – people and pubs are suffering.

So, visit them more often and stay in them longer. It’s use it or lose it.

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