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Autumn is a season to embrace fully with its mists and mellow fruitfulness but this year October has an extra agenda. In previous years we’ve had wrist-slapping campaigns called Go Sober For October, Sober October and Stoptover, the cease smoking campaign – all which are gaining traction with every passing year. There’s nothing wrong with being sober; we’d never advocate anything else, but some sections of society seem to enjoy taking a stab at those of us who enjoy the company of fellow pub-goers and that it might be beneficial for our wellbeing to mix and mingle and laugh and debate. And, just as all the fun seems to take place in the kitchen at parties, there’s possibly something to envy about the group outside the pub that shares tobacco smoke, anecdotes, secrets and – inevitably – the odd wheezy cough.

However, 2019 is different. This year is scary. This year, on October 31 (at the time of writing) we are due to plummet out of the European Union and that is not a good outcome in anybody’s book. OK, Brexit sermon over.

But there’s actually an awful lot to be confident about – and that can be found in our pubs. There’s innovation and enterprise topped with a heady layer of positivity and customer satisfaction so let’s drink to what autumn is all about.

Sober October be damned. Go For October – how much better does that sound?

Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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