Cheers 93

We can’t please everyone. The schools are back, the evenings are getting gloomier earlier – have you looked outside around 8pm? Shudder – and we’re heading for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

We’ve had our summer break and Cheers is back with a flourish, bringing you a wide range of pub and beer topics – with a dash of wine and a splash of humour thrown in to keep the pot boiling.

It’s been a bit of a stop-start summer and while most of us were pleased to experience brief spells of (very) hot weather, it hasn’t been plain sailing for many of our pubs. Those with a beer garden, a terrace or pavement area have benefitted enormously while shaded town venues prayed for rain to attract custom. More than one city-centre pub landlord could be heard muttering “roll on winter”.

We’ve got some clever folks doing some great things in a terrific industry. Of course, that industry is all about people and it’s the people who visit our pubs, drink our beer, tuck into our food and listen to our music who keep its wheels turning.

Pub people have to work tremendously hard to keep going and harder still to progress with their plans, so they deserve our utmost respect.

The nights might be drawing in, but the pub is still a huge attraction – see you there.

Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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