Cheers 89

Spring is springing and we’ve got a little jaunt in our step, so let’s get out and use those lovely North East pubs we have from The Borders to North Yorkshire – and the Coast to Cumbria. The clocks have done their forward shift and the days are lengthening nicely, the temperature is taking a slow rise but, at the time of writing, we don’t know where we are sitting in the Big Brother Europe House.

Is it in the dining room with our gourmet neighbours or the kitchen where all the gossip is heard and relationships get formed, or out in the hallway by ourselves on the naughty step?

Political rant over.

It’s amazing how springtime brings out beer festivals and al fresco events, even though we might have to wrap up in a throw like they have on offer at The Curfew in Berwick or the Cumberland Arms in Byker. It’s little touches like that that make all the difference – it shows they care.

Following on from the recent Siris Symposium on women’s role in the beer world and the challenges we all face, we’ve invited the brilliant finger-on-the-pulse that is Daisy Turnell to give her take on the future of our industry.

We take a trip out into Northumberland where we’re constantly amazed at the diverse nature of the beer and pub business and how enterprising people make the county tick.

Whichever pub room you’re in, we might see you there.

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