Cheers 85

We have to admit that it’s tempting on these darker, colder nights to take one look out of the window and decide to not bother with the pub quiz and opt instead for Holby City or whatever else keeps people glued to the settee on a Tuesday night. Shake yourself out of that miserable option and head for great beer, good crack and a warm welcome in your most local of locals.

We’ve just gone through what is termed Stoptober where misguided (but no doubt well-meaning) individuals give up things like alcohol for a month. Fairly soon they’ll be calling for Dry January when even more pressure will be laid at the pub door as people “detox” from their festive excesses. Have they no minds of their own?

Pubs need us more than ever. Austerity has been biting for years and it won’t let go. We’re all being affected, assaulted from all directions by rising prices and lowering standards (and that’s before we mention Brexit which will be a disaster for the breweries that have fought hard to enter lucrative export markets just to see that avenue cut off by Tariff McTariff Face).

The only way to save our pubs is to visit them more often and to stay longer. It’s simple. Do it.

Alastair Gilmour
Cheers North East

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