Cheers 79

Purely by coincidence this super issue has a bit of an Ouseburn slant. The former industrial are of Newcastle is now the beating heart of creativity and innovation of the city, with designers, artists, musicians, makers, shakers and breakers all contributing to its vibrancy.
There’s so much happening in the Ouseburn Valley that it’s a gift for Cheers stories and a focus on independence.
But it’s not all Ouseburn this month – we talk to two former teachers who are bringing language learning and painting tuition right into the bar-room; we take a trip along the coast and marvel at the energy there; we talk to brewers, pubcos and publicans, we take a serious note over waste plastic, and also preview the Newcastle and Gateshead beer festivals.
Our pubs seem to have come out of the winter months in reasonable shape – the Campaign For Real Ale calculates that 18 are closing a week. But that doesn’t take into account the ones that are opening and thriving. Perhaps more debate on the subject is called for.
However, spring is springing and we’ve got a jaunt in our step, so let’s get out and use those lovely pubs we have from Berwick upon Tweed to Darlington – and all points beyond.
No doubt see you in one of them.

Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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  1. Bryan Gilroy says:

    I believe the answer to Question 1 in the Dirty dozen quiz regarding the number of grooves on a standard vinyl LP is incorrect. There are 2 grooves, not 1, as there are 2 sides to an LP – hence 2 grooves.

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