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The best thing about February is not the lengthening days and the promise of spring around the corner but that it’s not January. Or Dry January to be precise.

The month of incoming Christmas bills and credit cards payments is bad enough for our pubs – with knock-on effects felt further along the line by our breweries and related services – so any attempt like the drive to get people to renounce alcohol for a month is not at all helpful. Granted, the Dry January intentions might be honourable but when it has the potential to put the final nail into a struggling business it deserves to be challenged.

So, thank goodness for the #Tryanuary initiative which in this its fourth year has been organised better than ever – with the North East among the top performing social media drivers in the country. Stand up all you tweeters, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, retailers and writers who have contributed brilliantly to an amazing campaign.

Now is the time to carry the scheme forward by encouraging everyone to support beer businesses for the rest of the year and spread the word that pubs are open for business day in day out. Remember a pub is not just for Christmas.

There’s a lot going on in our pubs and breweries at the moment and 2018 could turn out to be a vintage year for many them. Hold on tight for the ride.


Alastair Gilmour

Editor, Cheers North East

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