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At this time of year we tend to reflect on what’s gone before, while tentatively looking forward to what will be. Many of us have had a great year, some of us have had a brilliant year, yet there always seems to be an air of constant struggle.

Let’s hope 2018 will be the year when all the hard work pays off and the penny finally drops with those who set tax levels and business rates that the pub is the hub of the community and deserves their support.

At Cheers, we’ve covered as many pub subjects over the past 12 months as there are topics of conversation – from live music to politics to art in pubs to food to… well, we could make a rather lengthy list but you get the drift.

But whatever the subject matter, it always comes down to pubs. Pubs are the lifeblood of the nation and a source of inspiration (certainly for us) and our microbrewery sector is as healthy as any region in the country.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our various contributors and our brilliant advertisers who know the power of a great medium and without whom we simply could not exist.

Then there is you, dear reader. Thank you for your continued loyal support and your positive messages – the odd note of criticism doesn’t go unheeded either – it’s all very much appreciated.

Have a happy and safe festive season. Cheers!
Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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