Cheers 73



The schools are back, the evenings are getting darker earlier and we’re heading for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. We’ve had our summer break and Cheers is back with a flourish, bringing you a wide range of pub and beer topics – with a dash of wine and a splash of rum thrown in to keep the variety fresh.

We’re constantly amazed at pubs’ and brewers’ initiatives. We’ve got some clever folks doing some great things in a terrific industry. Of course, that industry is all about people and it’s the people who visit our pubs and drink our beer who keep its wheels turning.

Just have a look through this month’s magazine, it’s packed with terrific stories and useful information. For example, we’ve been looking at wines in pubs because we think that side of things should be as exciting for the drinker as the wonderful beer they are offered and the whisky that the likes of The Chillingham is proud of (see page 37).

The common theme on every page of Cheers North East is pubs; it’s what the magazine was invented for – pubs and people.

We love pubs and all they stand for; the social interaction, the friendships made, and the wondrous products that come sweeping over the counter with a smile and a maybe even a wink if you’re lucky.

The nights might be drawing in, but the pub is still a huge attraction – see you there.


Alastair Gilmour

Editor, Cheers North East

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