Cheers 70

The old saying goes: “Ne’er cast a clout till May be oot” but this year the adage brings all sorts of complications to the table. We still don’t know if the advice means it’s the end of month of May that we daren’t discard our thermal underwear, or if it’s the may blossom that marks a rise in temperature and a discarding of cardies. And now we’ve got the added complication of a general election with a prime minister called May in the frame. Oh dear, let’s not dwell on that, but invite you to put your hands together for this month’s winners – Brinkburn Street Brewery, Chef of the Year Rory Welsh, Boda Home (which builds beer stocks rather than houses), the new team at The Cluny, Wylam Brewery’s stonking new beers, a new quoits season, a model train that runs round a bar, and to say “See You Jimmy” to a Peruvian bar owner.

Is there a better bunch of pub and beer-related stories than that? Let’s take it from your silence that you can’t think of an alternative. And you’d be right. Cheers exists to bring you the best in beer, breweries, pubs and people – with a dash of wine and spirits, a serving of food, and a belly-laugh or two thrown in (but maybe we shouldn’t get carried away on that one). Please enjoy this month’s issue – and on June 8, be sure to put your X in the box where you believe it belongs.


Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East


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