Cheers 67

We’ve now shaken off Dry January and all those silly detox and clean-eating fads and hopefully got back to normal by visiting our pubs and trying the vast range of food and drink available in them.

But those of us who press on regardless were amazed at how well attended our pubs were during a traditionally quiet month that most publicans dread. At least it’s not like last February when many of our pubs were submerged under floodwater – some of them yet to reopen, if they ever will. February hasn’t see the last of what winter can throw at us, but the nights are getting lighter and the snowdrops are peeping through, so let’s take the initiative and shake off those short-day blues to enjoy everything that pubs are renowned for – great company, comforting food and top-class drink, perhaps with a quiz and live music to entertain us, plus a game of darts thrown in.

Even if you merely flick through Cheers North East you’ll find we’re completely devoted to pubs and all that goes on in them (but don’t stop at flicking, there’s an awful lot to enjoy between our covers) and we need no excuse to bring you the most relevant beer stories with a dash of passion squeezed in. We have taken a trip along the North East coast from North Shields to Monkseaton, a burgeoning growth area for the brewing and pub sector.
Our forward-planning list suggests there’s an awful lot more about to happen, so make sure snapping up a copy is one excuse for slipping out to the pub. As if anybody needs an excuse.

Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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