Cheers 58

It used to be said that when you utter the phrase “Easter’s early this year” it was an indication that you were getting on in years and had little else in your life to bother about. This issue of Cheers North East will disprove that notion.

Yes, Easter is early this year – and it was the first thing a twenty-something brewery delivery driver said when we asked if he was busy. It demonstrates, however, that we’ve just about shaken off the winter blues and looking forward to enjoying longer days, a spot of sunshine, and developing a spirit of wellbeing that should translate into the sound of pub tills ringing.

There’s so much to look forward to in March with beer festivals in the diary, St Patrick’s Day, Mothers’ Day, big sports events hotting up and the introduction of new beer styles that reflect the changing season. The Campaign For Real Ale (Camra) Newcastle Beer & Cider Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary in early April which is also an indicator of spring and new beginnings, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Research from Oxford University shows that the happiest people in society are those who live near a pub and use it as a social hub. They meet friends there (and tend to have more of them than other people), they enjoy better life satisfaction, and are less likely to drink to excess.

By the same token, brewery delivery drivers are a good barometer to the health of the pub industry. Easter is early, right enough, and the driver we met should know – his van was bursting at the seams. Cheers!


Alastair Gilmour,
Editor, Cheers North East


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