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And there goes 2015 with 2016 racing into view, ready to lap the long-term leader. This time of year always appears like a Formula One commentary – where did it go? Was summer really that bad? Is there something we missed? Whoosh.

One thing’s for sure, our pubs and beer producers are growing ever-more inventive, presenting us with products and events that reek of imagination and innovation. A new microbrewery seems to be born every month and as soon as they start finding their feet, the established ones announce expansion and growth.

Next year will be the same. Tap take-overs – not so long ago a novelty – are regular features in our pubs, as are meet the brewer events and new beer launches. Micro-pubs are springing up in formerly-redundant plots such as railway arches and long-empty commercial premises.

Licensees are exploring inventive ways to bring in more custom on those wet Tuesdays when it’s easier for customers to stay at home. It’s not easy, but it’s well worth the effort.

The fact that Wylam Brewery is reviving the Palace of Arts in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park and creating one of the best beer tourism venues in Europe shows the extent of the vision that’s driving the whole North East sector. We live in exciting times indeed.

Cheers North East too will continue to do its bit by supporting the region’s pubs and bringing the best of their news to the table. Like everybody else we’re full of hope and expectation. This year has been terrific – here’s to a prosperous 2016 for all.

Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East



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