Cheers 53

Here we are, all refreshed and raring to go after our little summer break. We’re as jaunty and feisty and full of optimism as ever with a bit of energy tucked up our sleeve for future reference.

The Cheers team invariably has its glass half-full, and it’s not that we’re constantly sitting in the pub (we wish), it’s more to do with looking at the positive side of life. I know that’s an easy attitude to adopt and when you’re down, you’re really down, but on those occasions I always reminded myself of a former colleague whose young son wouldn’t eat a particular style of yogurt because “it’s got bits in”. She pushed it back in front of him, growling: “Life’s got bits in. Get on with it.” He got on with it.

It’s just a shame that the summer never really got going. There’s nothing like a spell of sunshine to bring people out into the pub – even to sit indoors (perverse, isn’t it?). It’s that optimism thing, that feeling of being on top, it’s hopefulness and confidence that makes us decide we’d rather join friends in a pub than fester in front of Emmerdale.

We’ve been around a lot of pubs over the past couple of months – it’s our job – and have often been surprised and impressed by some of the numbers present on the proverbial wet Tuesday. We’re all doing our bit, we realise that the pub means everything in a social context – it’s our playground and our comforter and without being smarmy, it can play something of a confessional box role where life’s “bits” can be overcome in a wave of laughter and a pint of something appropriate.

Enjoy them to the max. Cheers!


Alastair Gilmour
Editor, Cheers North East

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