Published on July 5, 2018 | by Alastair Gilmour


Can you rouse your inner artist?

Stu Brew, Europe’s first student-run microbrewery based at Newcastle University, is inviting artists – or anybody really – to submit designs for a range of canned beer. And who wouldn’t want to win that sort of competition?

The requirement is simple: A single design that will be used across different beers with interchangeable colour schemes. Entrants will be provided with Stu Brew logos and the typeface Bitter Bold to be used in the design. Needless to say, designs should be artistic and modern, avoiding cartoonish themes. Harmony in colour is advised with the finished article submitted in Adobe Illustrator.

The deadline is July 31 2018. To enter the competition (or ask any questions) email The winner receives a case of beer with the new Stu Brew design – plus a lot of kudos and a tick box on your CV. Good luck.

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