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Beer unites nations

Regular readers understand well, Cheers is no stranger to promoting beer, pubs and breweries with Russian connections. We do the same with other countries, notably the Czech Republic, as it’s our way of saying there’s a whole world of lovely stuff out there.

But for four weeks over June and July, the focus is on Russia and the 2018 World Cup Finals. For instance, Tyne Bank Brewery has produced a beer called Stalin’s Cow which was voted Canniest Beer by the recent Camra Newcastle Beer & Cider Festival. Stalin’s Cow (10% abv), an imperial chocolate milkshake stout, is intensely chocolatey and malty with accents of dried fruit and a smooth, sweet warmth.

Morpeth-based Anarchy Brew Co has begun supplying a bar in Moscow – appropriately called Anarchy. It is part of Squat ¾, an amazing 19th Century building situated near the Bolshoi Theatre which was originally a Turkish Baths and is now a nightclub. Anarchy brewer Les Stoker also brewed a beer in collaboration with Gletcher Brewery situated about 70km from Moscow which has a great reputation in Russia for its quality. A return “leg” scheduled for later this year.

Another North East-Moscow connection is Bobby Dazzler, the premium golden ale brewed by The Stables Brewery at Beamish Hall in County Durham. The owners of Bobby Dazzler sports bar in Moscow came across it on the internet and were so intrigued that they visited The Stables in 2014, followed by a Stables crew reciprocal visit three years ago.

Bobby Dazzler is a real bobby dazzler – a brilliant corner pub in a desirable city suburb that oozes ambience and friendliness. Its owners and clientele are dedicated to Manchester United and all things British – including beer, such as London Pride, Spitfire and Bishop’s Finger. Sure, there’s a corner featuring Best and Charlton and Giggs and Scholes and red and white, but sports bar or not, Bobby Dazzler is a revelation.

The food is faultless and the beer is served as well as the brewer intended with prices on a par with what we pay in the North East.

Bobby Dazzler head chef Adolf Becker sums it all up: “I want quality; quantity I don’t need; quantity is expensive.”


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