Cheers 48

Here come the daffs, nodding their heads in approval at lighter nights and slightly warmer days. We’ve left the darkness of Dry January behind – big thanks to all of you who supported #FeBREWary – and we at Cheers North East will continue to do all we can to get people into the pub habit (and keep them there).

Our pubs are special and as individual as each and every one of us. This is what’s great about them. Two pubs could offer exactly the same range of drinks and food – indeed, that’s what slick-operating pubcos do – but they’ll be entirely different because of the customer they attract.

Independent pubs make us feel good about ourselves and we choose to frequent them because they’re simply an extension of our own personalities. Pubs are the lifeblood of society; they’re melting pots of personal relationships, creativity and friendship – what we might call social intercourse.

And, of course, they’re places where we can enjoy a beer made with pumpkin, celery and spiders’ legs, if that’s your leaning, or burgers called A Night In With Susan Boyle (extraordinarily good, by the way). We can listen to a highly professional band or sympathise with a nervous busker who’s at least got the spirit to get up there. We can try our hand at the quiz, play darts, dominoes or The Monkees on the jukebox – and we can even just talk and laugh the night away.

Welcome to the pub, it’s good to see you.

Alastair Gilmour,
Editor, Cheers North East

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