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It’s all over at last. We’re not talking about winter winds or Newcastle United’s managerial shenanigans but a plague that’s getting more virulent year by year.

Dry January. We recognise that some people might feel they have to have some time away from alcohol and to “detox” their bodies (which has been proved to be utter nonsense), but anyone who has the slightest interest in the licensed trade, the brewing industry and the leisure sector knows that concentrated efforts by “health” groups are kicking pubs when they’re at their lowest ebb. It could spell the end for some teetering on the brink. January is traditionally a slow month for the pub business as customers count the cost of the festive season when they perhaps spent a lot more than they could afford. Again, we understand that belts sometimes have to be tightened, but if people were implored by road safety groups not to buy cars in the first month of every year, like they’re persuaded to shun beer, you’d have the motor industry up in arms, crying “restraint of trade”. The Government wouldn’t hear of it and would quote the importance of cars to the British economy, so why are our MPs sitting on their hands – and some of them even smugly joining in with
such nonsense.

The #Tryanuary social media initiative got off to a great start by highlighting what’s great about pubs in January, so let’s fight back and get stuck into #FeBREWary.

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