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Ancient method is new to city

The tanks are gathering. Not to worry, it’s not a military coup or revolution (yet) but a distinctive method of storing beer ready for drinking.

The Botanist in Newcastle has installed two Budweiser Budvar tanks in much the same way that beer is delivered to pubs and restaurants in the Czech Republic. As the only venue in Newcastle to serve Budweiser Budvar Tankové Pivo (tank beer), the legendary lager joins an extensive list already on offer at the New World Trading Company pub within its Anthology of Ales section.

The Botanist’s two large tanks can be found to the left of the main bar, delivering fine-tuned pints of Budvar poured in just 10 seconds which is in marked contrast to the beer’s production period of 102 days. This no shortcuts attitude to brewing is owed to the fact that the brewery is run by brewers, not accountants.

Brewed in České Budějovice (Budweis in German), a simple combination of ingredients including whole cone Saaz hops, Moravian malt and Ice-Age soft water form the pale, smooth unpasteurised lager, giving it a full-flavoured and fresh taste.

Simon George, managing director, Budweiser Budvar UK, said: “We have had a great response to Budweiser Budvar Tankové Pivo in the New World Trading Company pubs around the country so we’re excited to introduce tank beer here.

“The tanks will be familiar to those who have visited the brewery in České Budějovice as they are scale replicas of the tanks in our cellars where we mature Budvar for 90 days. The freshness and flavour of Tankové Pivo is like drinking from the brewery tanks themselves.”

Budweiser Budvar (5.0% abv) is unique in that it is wholly owned by the people of the Czech Republic which has led to countless – and ongoing – worldwide territory rights over the name between it and the American Budweiser. It is the Czech Republic’s second-largest brewery (behind Pilsner Urquell).

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