Published on July 11, 2017 | by Alastair Gilmour


Simply point and pint

A team in Newcastle has released a location-based mobile app that allows visitors to plan and enjoy their nights out in a new city. Tipll lets users filter bars, restaurants and clubs according to their preferences, flags up venue information and offers, and leads them right to the door using a built-in GPS function.

Accurate live ratings and reviews let others engage with those experiences in real time, while additional in-app features to be introduced later this year – such as cashless payments, pre-ordering drinks and taxi bookings – could make Tipll a one-stop shop for a night out.

The brains behind Tipll is Grant Thompson who says: “By Tipll-ing it, visitors spend less time searching for a venue that suits them, and more time enjoying the experience when they get there. “Restaurants and pubs can promote their up-to-date offers to passers-by who have the app and simply point their phone at a participating venue to view the current deals. Tipll also tracks what drinks users buy, average transaction value, dwell time in each venue, demographic data, where they are visiting from, and the routes they take between bars, interlinking this with data from hotspots.

“We’re really excited about the wider opportunities to promote and understand our vibrant local economies better.”

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