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Published on June 6, 2017 | by Alastair Gilmour


Brewmaster warns to look at home

One of the world’s best-known brewing figures is urging his UK counterparts to use more home-grown hops for inspiration and to make a bigger effort to tap into beer’s heritage.

Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster, told The Morning Advertiser that the US used more British hops than British brewers do, describing them as “really good”, as a reminder that they should use them too.

Oliver, who had guests spellbound at a tasting at The Bridge Tavern in Newcastle in February 2016, also said that the top American beer trends will continue to be absorbed here, becoming part of the overall mix, thereby diluting our traditional styles even further.

He said: “There will be more influences from the rest of Europe, such as Belgium and Germany, like it has with saisons and sour beers. People will start to think ‘what does truly British beer taste like?’. I am interested in the tied-to-land and tied-to-a-place trend as parts of Britain have actual flavours, they have their own terroirs, and it would be really cool to see more British breweries channelling that.

“I love traditional cask ale, it’s what got me into beer in the first place, but things were sitting still for a long time. The cool thing about brewing is there’s a worldwide community and I’m happy to see the scene is evolving, that it has busted out and become so fresh.”

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