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Published on March 10, 2017 | by Alastair Gilmour


Book a beer to wolf down

A renowned story from Northumberland’s rich history has been given an update. A new e-book, The Wolf of Allendale, has been published by author Hannah Spencer which fictionalises the century-old true tale of a wolf escaping from a County Durham zoo to wreak havoc in the Allen Valley where it mauled sheep and terrorised farmers.

The animal narrowly escaped local shotguns several times, but its body was eventually discovered in Cumbria, apparently having been struck by a train. Allendale Wolf (5.5% abv) was one of the first beers from the Northumberland brewery when it started up in 2006. The full-bodied ruby red ale flows between chewy toffee and ripe fruit flavours.

Brewery owner Tom Hick says: “Brigitte in the sales team is reading the book and I’m also looking forward to it. Allendale Wolf has some real loyal fans and a great following.”

Elsewhere at Allendale, the canned Mosaic that won silver at the recent Brussels Beer Challenge has made a reappearance alongside Vienna Lager, while Galaxy is about to be produced in cans for the first time.

“We’re starting off a new GoCreate series where each of the brewers will get a chance to design their own recipes and brew five-barrel batches on our End kit,” says Tom. “So far, Ric has brewed Jacob to celebrate the birth of his first child – a 5.5% abv IPA made with a touch of acidulated malt to bring out the citrus freshness – and Paul is about to brew Nitro Scotch Heavy.”

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